To Be A Fashion Girl The First Lesson Is Don’t Follow Trends Blindly

fashion_girls_sketches_vol_2_by_grievousgeneral-d786js8For many girls being fashionable comes naturally, however, for most fashion sense is an acquired knowledge that can be attributed to a keen eye on changing trends, fashion magazines and a lot of experiments.
Therefore, being a fashion girl is not a rocket science. With a little help and practice, you can also be a style icon amongst your friends and family. Here are some tips on how to become fashion girls.
Don’t follow fashion blindly: The very first lesson to become a fashion girl is don’t follow trends blindly.
Every style needs a little tweaking and your individual touch to suit your personality. What looks stunning on the runway model may not necessarily have the same impact on you. Therefore, take your time to decide what trend to follow and what not. Following fashion blindly can lead to sartorial disasters. Be judicious and don’t get carried away. the-september-issue-of-instyle-cover
Read fashion magazines: To be a fashion girl, you must know the latest trends in color, style and fabric.
Fashion magazines will give you loads on information for you to create the perfect foundation of your stylish and trendy wardrobe. It is extremely important to know the upcoming trends to grab the attention before anyone else does.
Find role models: The easiest way to look fashionable is by finding role models which you think are closest to you in terms of body type and personality. Take cues from them to avoid any fashion faux-pas.
Find dresses that fit well: An ill-fitting designer outfit can do no good to you. Find dresses that fit you well. outfit_large_c4a4266b-5fa7-4a12-ae24-ae6b385f9080
Don’t ignore the comfort factor. Fiddling and struggling with the dress can make you look like a Wannabe, which we are sure you don’t wish to be termed as. Every fashion season, the dress trend comes with variations to suit different body types. Find the style that suits you the best.
Don’t ignore your hair: Bad, frizzy hair can make or break the look. Beautiful hair is a must to look fashionable. Experiment with styles, colors and length of your hair to look fashionable. Short or long, straight or curly, maintain your hair well and look well-groomed before stepping out.6982295-brunette-hair-model-woman
Learn the tricks of makeup: Makeup lends the glam factor to transform a regular girl into a fashionista.
However, don’t go overboard with makeup and practice a lot to get the best results. makeup will also help you hide your flaws and highlight the best features.

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